Put down the highlighter and step away from the foundations, you can now eat your way to a contoured face!

Can you really contour your face with food?

Forget the makeup, you can actually eat your face to perfection. No, we’re not joking!

Goodbye multiple highlighters, we can actually eat our way to a better looking face! The Hallelujah chorus is actually playing in our heads too. But sadly, we’re not talking late night pizzas and a cheeky burger… we’re talking about the good stuff still – spinach and other vitamin boasting foods.

Experts have said that by eating more vitamin enriched foods, we too can contour our face. You hear that Kardashians and Jenners of the world?!

Vitamins C, A and Zinc can help the appearance of your skin and make contouring easier.

So let us break it down for you before you go nuts with your next food shop!

Oysters – those slippery little suckers are great for firming your skin. It’s packed full of zinc and if you combine them with some vitamin C, it’s perfect at boosting skins elasticity. Not in to oysters? No sweat! Other zinc enriched foods are beef, lamb, pumpkin seeds, pork and mushrooms to name a few.

Spinach – is great for your cheekbones! Spinach strengthens the skin tissue below and helps slow down the aging process. It’s also great for preventing water retention! Who knew? Popeye was on to something when he was downing cans of the stuff! Putting it in some scrambled eggs in the morning is the perfect start to the day!

Tangerines – are great for the skin. They are packed with vitamins A and C which are great for helping with acne and help rebuilding the skin. Vitamin A is also great for preventing fine lines and wrinkles as it has amazing anti-aging properties.

Turmeric – is great for repairing the skin. It’s also a bit of a wonder spice – it’s renowned for being a natural disinfectant and for healing wounds! Tumeric is also great for skin conditions like psoriasis.

Broccoli – will keep your neck wrinkles at bay! It’s perfect for protecting the skin against UV radiation and preventing the aging process. Full of vitamins C, B and E, it will help prevent wrinkles but not completely! Just apply a good moisturizer in the morning at night for full protection and don’t forget sunscreen.

Red chilies are great for plumping lips! Woah! Just rub the seeds on your lips but not too much as they will generate a burning sensation and we ALL know what that’s like! Maybe try adding a drop of chili oil to your favourite lip balm and apply occasionally – it will increase the blood flow to your lips and you’ll hopefully have a lovely pout.

Avocados are amazing for the skin – Joan Collins swears by them and eats one everyday! Probably why she looks so incredible for her age (cue the Now office ordering a bulk of avocados…) They contain omega-9 fats that repair damaged skin by reducing irritation and redness in the skin. Avos are full of anti-oxidants and have loads of vitamin A and E. The omega-3 in avos are great for keeping your eyes bright and shiny! Not a fan of eating them? Kiehls have an incredible avocado eye cream or better yet, mix half an avocado with 2 table spoons of hot water and a tea spoon of honey for the ultimate Friday night face mask!


Sarah Bradbury