How Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment's break-up has played out via Twitter and Instagram

Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment had
another explosive row on last night’s episode of The Only Way is Essex. She not
only slammed his relationship with Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson, but accused
him of ‘dogging’ her out on social media.

‘You got dumped so get over it and stop
referring to me on the Internet,’ she hit at him.

She added, clearly in reference to his new romance with Marnie: ‘You’re barking on about you three-week relationship that you’re going to marry.’

When a break-up happens in TOWIE world, it
happens very publicly, which means, yes, all over Twitter and Instagram. Even
during the on-screen spat Jess Tweeted; ‘Laughable.’

This is one bitter break-up, even by TOWIE
standards (and that’s saying something).

During another massive row on the show in
October, Ricky tweeted, ‘God this is hard’, adding ‘life’ when
someone asked him what he meant.

Meanwhile Jess wrote,
‘Deflection deflection deflection. Wow.’

And when the last series ended in November
Jess and Ricky filmed an emotional farewell, which quickly turned sour when she
warned him of his best friend Mario Falcone, revealing that Mario had tried it
on with her whilst she and Ricky were together.

‘I’d rather let him have you…. Lol,’ Ricky
tweeted to Jess, before she sniped back: ‘Take your disrespect elsewhere and
stop tweeting about me.’

Meanwhile over on Instagram she’s been
posting all sorts of not-so-cryptic messages.

After Ricky and Marnie hooked up at the
National TV Awards, Jess posted a stunning picture of herself. Alongside
a snap of her looking uber glamorous but rather serious, the beautiful brunette
captioned the shot, ‘Bitch don’t kill my vibe’. 

She later posted quotes on her page. ‘Some people think they are champagne in a
tall glass when in actual fact they’re like warm piss in a plastic cup,’ said

‘Having standards doesn’t make you high
maintenance. It makes you a bitch who knows what she wants,’ said another.


One thing’s for sure: Jess and Ricky will
never (ever, ever….) get back together. But something tells us this isn’t the
last that our Twitter feeds have seen of these two.

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