Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison has gone on an almighty rant about an ex-boyfriend. But who is she referring to?

The thing we probably love most about Geordie ShoreVicky Pattison is that when she’s annoyed at someone, we damn well know about it.

Not one to keep her feelings to herself, Vicky went on an almighty social media rant seemingly aimed at an ex-boyfriend.

Posting memes on Instagram with telling captions, Vicky remarked:

‘When you block your ex on everything and they message you on eBay’ / ‘B*tch BYE!!!!! #nottodaysatan #nottoday

‘Fall in love? B*tch I can’t even fall asleep’ / ‘Weyaye… And here’s the insomnia again’

So who exactly has been desperately messaging Vicky and causing her insomnia? And which of her exes has annoyed the Geordie Shore lass so much that she’s labeled him ‘Satan’?!

It could be old on/off boyfriend, personal trainer Dan Conn who she met on TV show Ex On The Beach. They do have a rocky history, after all.

Or is it recent ex James Morgan, who she split from in November to focus on her career?

We reckon it might be Geordie Shore ex Ricci Guarnacci, who she was engaged to, and who gave a very open interview about his recent, secret nose job in this week’s Now magazine – published the day that Vicky‘s rant began.

‘I was really hurt when people would slag me off on Twitter. It was mostly jealous guys, but you get girls doing it, too. You get a few odd trolls. I’m not usually bother by what people say to me on Twitter, but I was gutted. I fely like a freak,’ Ricci exclusively told Now.

Could Ricci‘s emotional story have prompted him to try and reconnect with ex, Vicky – but she’s simply having none of it?

Oof, whatever us going on Vicky sounds like she’s made up her mind up with this one. We hope you feel better soon, Mrs!

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By Kim Gregory