Embarassed by Gerard Butler yet again, sad Jen’s attracted her ex’s attention

With a plastered-on smile, but tellingly sad eyes every time the camera was off her, Jennifer Aniston made an awkward and reluctant walk down the red carpet last Thursday.

Despite usually planning her trips weeks in advance, Now learnt that she’d put off travelling to London for The Bounty Hunter premiere until the last minute on Tuesday because she was dreading having to put on a show of togetherness with her ex Gerard Butler.

Unable to cope with Gerard‘s indifference, Jen‘s turned back to ex-hubby Brad Pitt, despite his renewed closeness to Angelina Jolie.

Brad‘s promised her they’ll always be friends, even though they’re divorced – and he’d always be at her side whenever she needs him,’ one friend tells Now.

‘He said destiny had brought them together and nothing could ever drive them apart. It’s this pact that’s keeping her going right now.

Brad doesn’t want to do anything to upset her – he’s worried about her sinking lower. The problem is he’s attached, so there’s only so much support he can give.

‘A lot of her friends think that leaning on her ex in this way is the entire reason none of her relationships work out.

‘She picks the wrong guys, but she’s emotionally never detached herself from Brad. It’s as if she wants it to go wrong with her boyfriends so that she can go back to Brad.’

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