The Duchess of Cambridge's topless photos controversy has taken its toll on Prince William

Kate Middleton may be the one who’s had topless pictures published of her, but Now can reveal that it’s her husband Prince William who’s feeling the real strain.

Sources tell us that in a fit of rage, Wills told the Duchess of Cambridge that he just wanted them to be a normal couple.

Wills tends to deal with difficult situations really well,’ an insider reveals to Now.

‘But this time he’s not only furious, the [scandal is] making him very reflective…

‘He looks at his cousins Peter Phillips and his sister Zara and envies the way they’re able to live their lives with ease.

‘He hates the way everything he does is publicised. Kate can see how stressed he is with the situation.’

Kate, 30, is determined to help William, also 30, get through this tough time without letting it affect their daily lives.

To help her husband relax, she’s even suggested they find some time to escape to their home in Anglesey as soon as they can.

‘It’s always been their bolthole,’ says a source. ‘But how long that will stay that way remains to be seen.’

Read the full article on Kate Middleton and Prince William in Now magazine dated 1 October 2012 – out now!

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