Inspired by Stephanie Davis' recent tongue-filled Instagram snap, we look back at some of the worst celebrity kisses ever

If there’s one species of people who enjoy a bit of PDA, it’s celebs – and it looks as if former Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis is the latest to join this esteemed crew.

She posted a, erm, tongue-heavy post to her Instagram profile on Sunday evening with her boyfriend Sam Reece as they were about to head to bed: ‘Night from me and this annoying monkey!’, she told her 250,000 followers.

(Good night, indeed…)

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baby says no gif

The 22-year old has been slated to appear in the upcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother after she pulled out of I’m A Celebrity – apparently, her nut allergy meant that she could not risk all the Bush Tucker.

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Responses to Stephanie and model Sam’s picture include: ‘Relationship goal’, ‘They need to stop!’ and the very concise: ‘Woah.’

The two have reportedly been dating for around eight months, and are no strangers to loved up shots – they take to their Twitter and Instagrams regularly to keep their fans up to date on the goings-on in their relationship. Aww, young love…

To honour Steph and Sam’s commitment to being in love and not being afraid to show it – sloppy snogs be damned – we’ve compiled a gallery of the worst celebrity kisses ever at the top of the page.

Spoiler alert: there’s a LOT of tongue.

In preparation for Stephanie’s possible (probable?) entry into the 2016 Celebrity Big Brother house, why not take a look at some of last year’s contestants. How many can you remember?