The actress shares video of stunt

Brooke Vincent was certainly feeling brave at the weekend.

The Coronation Street star has shared a video with Instagram fans showing her attempting the daring lift made famous in iconic movie Dirty Dancing.

Nobody puts Brookey in the corner… ,Brooke, 21, captions the clip.

The footage shows Brooke running up to a male friend who hoists her into the air as another pal supports the actress’s legs.

Brooke screams before her dance partner slowly brings her back down to the ground while Time Of My Life – the hit song used in the memorable film scene – plays in the background.

Fans were very impressed with Brooke‘s stunt.

That was amazing tho, i actually thought you were gonna fall ,’ one wrote.

brilliant…nobody shall put u in the corner & I’m loving the lift !!!’ another commented.

Watch Brooke Vincent‘s Dirty Dancing lift below…

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