Katie Hopkins looked much slimmer on The Xtra Factor this weekend

Katie Hopkins appears to have already lost the majority of her three-and-a-half-stone weight gain.

The Apprentice star showed off a significantly slimmer figure when she appeared on The Xtra Factor on Saturday night to give her controversial opinion on the acts left in 2014’s competition.

And while she was on the ITV2 show, which follows The X Factor, we couldn’t help but notice Katie could actually be on track to reaching her goal weight of 8st 8lb.

Katie shocked everyone earlier this year when she took part in a social experiment for a TV documentary, eating 6,500 calories a day to prove a point to larger people that she could get fat and then lose all the weight again, purely through good old fashioned diet and exercise.

She saw her weight balloon from 8st 8lb to 12st in just three months.

Now the 39-year-old appears to have proved her point by looking slimmer in the face, and like she was well on her way to getting rid of excess flab on her midriff. Sorry Katie haters.

Katie has documented her battle to regain her figure to her Twitter followers and even took a jog in London before going on air.

She wrote, implying that perhaps she couldn’t see past her stomach: ‘You know a morning is going to be tough when………you need to find the letter L or R to know which foot to put your sock on.’

Before a follower replied on Twitter: ‘@KTHopkins just jogged past me in borough, fat mess.’

Ouch! We bet that comment – which Katie retweeted – only made her even more determined to slim down.

Although she kept her arms mainly around her knees to cover up her fuller frame while she was on TV, in her animated chatter she did lose track of concealing her lumps and bumps. Katie revealed her current figure by lifting her arms at one point to do bad impressions of members of Stereo Kicks.

According to reports Katie got a bit of a telling off from the eight-piece boyband’s parents after she dissed them right in front of their faces while she filmed her Xtra Factor segment.

Some gems from Katie included saying the lads looked like they were standing in line waiting to be told bad news at an STI clinic. However she surprisingly admitted she actually LIKES Lola Saunders.

Even going so far as to say she’d ‘tash on’ with the contestant, who belongs to Cheryl Cole’s girls category.

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