We can totally understand why Kim Kardashian's joked about feeling 'insecure' next to tall sister Kendall Jenner and her model pals

It’s fair to say that most of us mere mortals would feel a bit insecure standing amongst a gaggle of gorgeous models and Kim Kardashian is no different.

The reality star, 34, posed for a series of photos with leggy sister Kendall Jenner and her supermodel BFFs on Tuesday night as they hung out together at Paris Fashion Week and joked about their intimidating presence.

‘Not insecure at all standing next to these super models 😭😩😂,’ Kim captioned one of the pictures.

We have to admit, Kim looks absolutely teeny in the snaps and it’s not surprising given the surprising difference in height between her and 19-year-old Kendall. Whilst Kendall stands at a lofty 5ft 10in, Kim measures in at just 5ft 2in, so she really is tiny!

As for Kendall‘s model mates, Cara Delevingne is 5ft 9in tall, whilst Gigi Hadid, Lily Donaldson and Joan Smalls match Kendall at 5ft 10in.

If it’s any consolation for Kim, her hubby Kanye West also gets towered over by the supermodel clan. The rapper looked noticeably smaller when he joined the gang for a photo following his concert on Tuesday night and it turns out that he’s only 5ft 8in.

Whilst we still can’t believe just how little Kim is, she’s not the only star with surprising statistics. We reveal the truth about how tall the stars REALLY are…

Kourtney Kardashian

Think Kim looks small? Her older sister Kourtney is even tinier, measuring in at just 5ft.

Lady Gaga

With all that hair, make-up and outrageous dress sense going on, we’d never guess that Lady G is only 5ft 1in tall.

Katie Price

Pricey stands relatively small at 5ft 4in, but we think you’ll agree that she more than makes up for it in personality.

Victoria Beckham

We always thought slim Victoria looked pretty lanky yet it turns out that she’s actually the same height as Katie Price.

Peter Andre

Pete is said to be petite at 5ft 8in, and looks even smaller when leggy fiancée Emily MacDonagh stands next to him!

One Direction

There’s reportedly a lot of range in the 1D boys’ statistics. Zayn Malik is apparently the shortest at 5ft 7in, whilst heartthrob Harry Styles appears to be the tallest member of the group at 5ft 10in.

Kate Middleton

Kim K might not be able to rival her supermodel mates but K-Middy could! The Duchess of Cambridge is an impressive 5ft 10in, almost matching up to 6ft 3in-tall husband Prince William.

Jordin Sparks

Woah! We did NOT expect cute American singer Jordin Sparks to measure in at a towering 6ft, totally beating the models in a height-off!

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