Josie Gibson looked incredible as she posted a string of pictures


After losing an incredible six stone, who can blame Josie Gibson for flaunting her taunt frame?

The Big Brother star was having a great time on Monday
afternoon while modelling a range of different bras, adding a pop of colour with
the pink and green-lace trimmed ones.

Spilling the beans about her secret to looking good, Josie, 29, said: ‘I eat
clean 80 per cent of the time and then 20 per cent of the time I am a really
naughty girl. 

‘It’s the only diet that has worked for me and I’ve tried everything.’

She added that she’s not obsessed with eating healthily every single day: ‘I always have a cheat day, I think it’s healthy.

‘I like to do what I want on a Sunday.’

She clearly liked to do what she wanted yesterday too
when she posted these shots.

Larking around with her pal Sadie Hewlett, Josie had
every reason to smile.

She recalled how hearing ‘all the negativity’ was
crucial to her weight loss and that she wishes somebody reminded her that she
was fat every day.

‘When I was 18 I was 18st and I went for 17st to 10st
about two years ago and I kept the weight off, yeah,’ she explained.

‘Do you know what actually really helped me? All the
negativity I got on Twitter. Everyone was saying how disgusting I was and how
fat I was and I took all that on board and it changed my life.’

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