Neighbours actress Melissa Bell doesn't resemble the Lucy Robinson we know


Remember Lucy Robinson from Neighbours? Well it’s safe to assume you expected her to look different to how she did in the 90s… but we bet you didn’t her to look THIS different.

The actress is now 42 and suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which explains why she decided to have her boobs have boosted in size to an E cup after three breast augmentations.

Real name Melissa Bell, she admits in a new interview that she had her first cosmetic procedure at just 24 years old.

The slender star had liposuction on her pins and has spent a whopping $115,000 (£63,360) on surgery with $35,000 of that going just to ensure she had an ample chest.

After having four children, Melissa has forked out $40,000 in sucking the fat out of her frame, and as far as injectables go, she handed over $8,000 on hormones to help her shift pounds plus $2,000 to help her face look younger with Botox.

She told Australian mag Woman’s Day that she has also spent $30,000 on suppressing her appetite with a stomach balloon.

Melissa, who is the third actress to portray Lucy Robinson on the soap, also says she suffers from depression and has had six major operations to look good.

‘My first husband left me the minute my eldest son Dylan was born,’ she said. ‘I was still in the hospital and I’d just had a caesarean, so it was quite traumatic. Then you start to think, “Am I the problem? Did my marriage break down because of the way I look?” I guess that’s what triggered me into getting my first operation.’

Melissa realises the dangers that come with her obsession to improve her image and wants to give it up to focus on her loved ones.

‘You almost start to feel a bit trapped by it all, and it gets more risky as you go along,’ she added.
‘I’ve got four beautiful children to look after, so I can’t keep putting myself at risk.’

Check out how she’s changed all the way from 1992 to now in our gallery above.

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