EastEnders actor Ben Hardy, aka Peter Beale, was the hottest man on TV - want to see the evidence?

There’s not much in the world that causes us to break into dramatic theme tune, but every time we see EastEnders actor Ben Hardy (aka Peter Beale) without his top on, our inner soap lover descends straight into the classic: DUN, DUN, DUN DUN D D D D…

Because – and we say this with all sincerity – that man could possibly be the fittest person on TV. A tough call, we know, but we’ve got evidence.

Check out these topless snaps of the 24-year-old, including one from his recent nearly-nude shoot in Attitude magazine. Ooosh!

For years, we were unaware of the treasures that lay beneath Fit Ben‘s typical EastEnd clothing. But now we know, we can’t get enough. The pecs, the abs, the smoulder… DUN, DUN, DUN DUN D D D D (sorry, we can’t help it).

After being embroiled in the ‘Who Killed Lucy Beale?’ EastEnders storyline – when his twin sister was murdered by 12-year-old Bobby BealeBen‘s character Peter has now packed up his bags (full of tiny, yellow shorts. Lol.) and left for New Zealand to start a new life.

In reality, Hardy is headed for the Hollywood hills as, according to reports, all that smouldering has earned him an important role in upcoming movie X Men: Apocalypse.

Fit AND successful, eh? We think we’re in love.

Ben Hardy has not yet confirmed his role in the movie, but his departure from EastEnders suggests that the budding actor might have something up his metaphorical sleeve (come on, Nealy-Naked Ben never has real ones).

We can’t wait to see his next venture. Fingers crossed it involves lots of nudity. Fifty Shades of Grey, anyone?

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Kim Gregory