Do we *finally* have some Chaz answers?!

We’re not happy.

We’ve heard rumours of a Charlotte Crosby/ Gaz Beadle falling out. We’ve seen the indirects. We’ve felt the bad juju. And, again, we’re not happy.

In fact, the rumours of a Chaz feud were all pretty much confirmed this week by Geordie Shore’s Marnie– who told the Daily Mail that she wasn’t very happy with Mr Beadle, ‘I’m not a fan of Gary… [he] has affected her confidence and I don’t know why Charlotte got that involved with him’.

And what have Gaz and Charl had to say for themselves?

Well, whilst Gaz has taken to Twitter to share that there is another side to the fiasco (how allusive), our Charlotte has kept pretty tight lipped. WHAT ARE WE TO MAKE OF THIS, PEOPLE?!

We’ll tell you what to make of this- Abs. Pure, unadultered Abs.

And, for those understandably scratching their heads, remember- a picture speaks a thousand words.


📷☀️👦🏽 Tanning hell 🙈

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LOOK AT THEM BAD BOYS. Captioned ‘Tanning hell’ (which, we must admit, sounds like an alright version of hell), people are pretty much loosing their minds over Gaz’s snap.

And it doesn’t end there, oh no no no. Gaz has also shared a snap of himself clinging to a rock, potentially out of fear for his scarily toned abs.


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However, it seems that Gaz and his abs have done absolutely nothing to distract fans from the pressing matter at hand- what is going on with Chaz?!

Comments read messages such as ‘please can you and @charlottegshore be back together!!!’ and ‘@charlottegshore deserves better. Got your back girl’. 

But really, the most important comment goes to the user who clocked that Gaz’s abs look like a face. THEY LOOK LIKE A FACE.

Brb. We need to go freak out some more.

Alice Perry/ @AlicePerrr