Check out the drastic change from actor to character

The period drama tells the story of Harry Gordon Selfridge and the way he ran his famous department store in London. A stellar line-up of actors make up the cast including the dashing Jeremy Piven, EastEnders’ Kara Tointon and My Family favourite Zoe Wannamaker.

Zoe was new to Mr Selfridge in Series 3 and joined the cast as Marie de Bolotoff, a Russian Princess, with Waterloo Road alumni Leon Ockenden as her son.

Meanwhile Rosalie and Violette Selfridge are played by real-life sisters Kara and Hannah. Kara‘s on-screen character, Rosalie, couldn’t be anymore different to her EastEnders persona Dawn Swann.

Amanda Abbington plays Miss Mardle, Selfridges’ head of accessories, and is also well known for her role as Mary Morstan in the BBC adaptation of Sherlock. Don’t you think she looks SO MUCH younger than her character??

She is the longtime partner of Lord of The Rings actor Martin Freeman, after they met on the set of Men Only in 2000 and the pair have two children together.

Speaking about her role as Miss Mardle, she said: ‘I do a lot of crying in the new series of Mr Selfridge.
It’s 1919, just after the First World War, and Miss Mardle’s heart is
broken. Again. Honestly, there were days when I was wrung out

The handsome Jeremy Piven leads the cast as Mr Selfridge and is equally as handsome off screen. The 49-year-old was best known for his role as Ari Gold in Entourage before appearing in the ITV1 drama.

‘There’s an old saying, if you’re going to admire someone’s life, you
have to admire their whole life and what ultimately happens to him
(Harry) is so beautiful and heartbreaking that there’s at least enough
to do four seasons, if they choose.’

Who do you think looks most different out of character?

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