Want to see Katie Price when she was au natural? Look no further...


If we were to have pound for every cosmetic procedure Katie Price has ever had, we’d be very rich indeed!

Katie Price

From boob jobs to new noses and face lifts, the mum-of five is constantly changing her look and once described her body as ‘patchwork quilt’ but that’s never stopped her having a nip here and a tuck there.


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And now the former glamour model has reportedly gone under the knife again, with sources claiming she took off to Turkey yesterday to indulge in a tummy tuck, lipo and bum implants.

‘Katie has been self-conscious about her looks recently, and despite joining a gym, she hasn’t got the results she wanted,’ a friend told the Sun.

‘Katie’s booked a whole series of procedures in Turkey, which she wants to have before flying back in time to pick up Princess and Junior after school on Friday.

‘She’s telling people to “say goodbye to her old face” as she’s getting a new one and has talked a lot about getting bum implants too.’

But it looks like not everyone is a big fan of 40-year-old KP’s changing appearance, as the insider added: ‘Her mum Amy and boyfriend Kris [Boyson] will be furious at her, but when Katie’s got something in her head, there is no stopping her.’

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