Reality TV star now has a size 10 figure

Kerry Katona has shed a stone after two weeks at an army-style bootcamp.

The reality star has gone from a size 14 to a size 10 after a fortnight at the GI Jane resort in Kent.

Kerry, 29, who exercised for 11 hours a day, is delighted with her new figure.

‘Last year, I was so depressed,’ she says. ‘I lost my independence.

‘But now I want it back. There are going to be a lot of changes this year.

‘I know I’ve yo-yoed in the past but now I’m determined to keep my perfect size 10 figure.

‘I’ve worked so hard to achieve it and I finally feel sexy again.’

Kerry hopes her weight won’t creep back on like it did following liposuction in 2008.

‘This time I’ve actually put in the hard work without relying on plastic surgery and I feel proud of myself,’ she says.

‘I felt too thin as a size 8 and sticking to such a restrictive diet was stressful.’


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