Dawson's Creek is celebrating it's Sweet Sixteenth birthday so what do Katie Holmes and the gang look like now?

When we saw James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson posing up for a photo together recently we automatically started singing: ‘I don’t want to wait… for our lives to be over!’

James captioned the shot on Instagram: ‘The most pleasant run-ins can happen in the most unexpected places…’

Well how about this time everyone from the 1998-2003 cast runs into each other next time on set, with a script in hand and the cameras rolling? Perfect.

But a Dawson’s Creek comeback isn’t likely to happen after director crushed our dreams a while ago and said: ‘I don’t want to see it. I want it to be that little piece of the ’90s that’s forever in its proper place. And it was a complete story.
‘I know how everyone ended up because of the five-year push in the finale. I love that there are so many people out there that would love to see a reunion. I love that it has a life that has gone on and on beyond its initial run. But I like how we ended it.’

Thanks a bunch Kevin Williamson.

Since we won’t be seeing what those small coastal town friends would be up to 11 years later we’ve settle for just seeing what they’re up to now in real life.

By the way the cast is HUGE so we couldn’t cover them all but here’s a special shout out to the ones we especially loved popping up throughout the programme.

Let’s not forget Oliver Hudson (Kate’s brother) appeared in 16 episodes, Chad Michael Murray (From One Tree Hill) was in 12, Brittany Daniel (the Sweet Valley High twin) was in four episodes. Even Jonathan Lipnicki (Stuart Little) and Jack Osbourne appeared in three episodes each. Then Seth Rogan was in one towards the end as well as Gwen Stefani (she just played herself though).

Gosh the show was legendary wasn’t it? Enjoy!

James Van Der Beek
He played Dawson Leary, the one no one will ever forget thanks to his constant whining, pining and beautiful forehead.
Dawson started off an optimistic filmmaker before girls made things complicated in Capeside and life wasn’t so happy-go-lucky.
Nowadays, James has scraped back Dawson’s floppy curtain air and is looking rather dapper for it we must say!
At the moment he’s loving life filming TV show CSI: Cyber which airs next year, and has appeared in a ranges of films and sitcoms such as Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 and How I Met Your Mother.

Joshua Jackson
Aah, Pacey Witter! He was such eye candy eh? And he still is, only now Josh is engaged to actress Diane Kruger so hands off ladies.
Pacey was the bad-boy-turned-good and we all felt for him as he dealt with his alcoholic dad and Andie cheating on him. During his time at the Creek he appeared in 1999 flick Cruel Intentions. Afterwards he mainly stuck to motion pictures but has recently acted in TV series Fringe and The Affair.

Katie Holmes
Girl next door Joey Potter, sweet but at times annoying. She broke Dawson’s heart a few times by catching Pacey‘s eye and dating Jack. Fun fact, she was the only one to appear in all 128 episodes, which gave her plenty of opportunity to get together with 10 love interests on screen. Get in! Katie remained in the public eye after she left the Creek. Remember 2005’s Batman Begins?
But let’s be honest, her biggest role to date was marrying Tom Cruise. Since then she has divorced the father of her daughter Suri, launched a joint fashion label, Holmes & Yang (then left it). Katie has appeared on the Broadway stage but mainly dabbles in movies as far as her career is concerned.

Michelle Williams
Not the one in Destiny’s Child (gosh she must find that very annoying).
So Mich played Jen Lindley, the bad influence of the bunch. She drank alcohol, she had sex, and she didn’t quite follow Grams’ rules, then she died a single mother aged 25. If that’s not a lesson to adolescents…
No, sadly Jen passed away from pulmonary congestion. We loved that cool New Yorker.
Michelle – or Marilyn Monroe as some people may know her as – now has daughter Matilda with late actor Heath Ledger who she worked with on flick Brokeback Mountain.
And she’s gone on to tackle some rather amazing projects since hanging out with Dawson and the gang. Snogging Ryan Gosling’s face off in Blue Valentine, Shutter Island, Oz The Great and Powerful! She even had some pretty snazzy gigs before Dawson’s Creek to be honest, including Baywatch, Home Improvement and Lassie.

Mary Beth Peil
Jen’s ‘Grams’, Evelyn Ryan was deeply religious while Jen was an atheist. Not a good formula. In the beginning she was so strict she actually warned granddaughter Jen off Dawson because he seemed like a bad influence sleeping in he same bed as his buddy Joey. If only she’d known why Jen moved in with her in the first place.
However Grams loosened up a lot by season six and actually became quite likeable.
Since then she has appeared in Stepford Wives with Nicole Kidman and plays Jackie Florrick in TV show The Good Wife.

Kerr Smith
Jack McPhee… who could forget him? He dated Joey before finding out he was gay and then took over care of little girl Amy after Jen passed away. What a gent.
Nowadays he’s a bit of a silver fox! He’s mainly acted on TV shows since Dawson’s Creek and we couldn’t get enough of him as Carl Brody in TV show Charmed.

Meredith Monroe
Andie McPhee. She only lasted until the fourth season because her character had run its course. Not a long time considering she only entered during the second season as Pacey’s love interest. Sister to Jack, she came to suffer mental illness due to the death of her brother (which brought her to Capeside).
She went on to have roles on TV shows such as Heart of Dixie, Hawaii-Five-O and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Busy Philipps
Busy played Audrey Liddell – the exotic Los Angeles girl who used to live next door to The Osbournes being the only child of a former actress, Kay Liddell.
Audrey first met Joey during their freshmen year at Worthington College, when they shared a room.
By the end of the show, the bubbly blonde grew up to find singing success and went on tour with John Mayer!
In real life, Busy is basically the best thing on Courteney Cox‘s comedy Cougar Town. She also had roles in ER and comedy movie White Chicks after Dawson’s. Fun fact, she is godmother to Michelle Williams‘ daughter.

Mary-Margaret Humes
Oh hi Gail Leery!
The local anchorwoman in Capeside who has an affair for no reason with her colleague, runs off to Philadelphia after confessing she cheated, and then she came back and gave birth to Dawson’s little sister Lily a few years into the series. Aw!
Recently she’s done a few TV movies like The Girl He Met Online, Matchmaker Santa and Beverly Hills Cop.

Leah Simpson