Find out how Strictly panellist Darcey Bussell eats and works out to achieve amazing pins

Darcey Bussell‘s legs are our new goal in life.

So transfixed was the world by the Strictly Come Dancing judge’s pins that they quickly joined the ranks of other famous celeb body parts who have trended on Twitter e.g. Angelina Jolie‘s leg, Anne Hathaway‘s nipples and even Dermot O’Leary‘s bulge.

But unlike the rest, Darcey Bussell‘s shapely stems had us wondering how the retired ballerina keeps up her covetous calves.

‘I do Zumba dancing now and jazz classes and both are great for stamina while being kind to my joints,’ says Darcey. ‘But nothing can compare with the power and tone that comes from training and giving three three-hour performances a week.’

But surprisingly, Darcey‘s far from the best in her class.

‘I think some of [the other students] laugh and go, “Oh my God, why are you doing this?” but I explain that it’s a nice release for me,’ she says. ‘I need to move my body but I don’t want to be disciplined anymore. I’m shaking my head like some madwoman in the corner and nobody’s telling you you’re doing anything wrong.’

Darcey, 45, adds: ‘I can do anything after Zumba – everything is possible!’

Her fun and liberal attitude to fitness also applies to her diet. 

‘I cook simple food, with lots of protein for energy – chicken and fish,
vegetables and fruit, as fresh as possible.’ explains Darcey. ‘I try to buy by the day and
no packet food.’

Darcey‘s never been a coffee fan but still likes a caffeine fix once and awhile.

She says: ‘If I’m tired,
the quickest perk-up thing is Diet Coke or green tea, and a bit of Green
& Black’s dark chocolate.’

And if Darcey ever finds herself having an off-week, she cuts out carbs and lowers her alcohol consumption.

Darcey says: ‘I’m conscious that I don’t want to grow out of my clothes, so the thing I try to hold on to is my waist. If I find the pounds are going on I stop eating bread and pasta for a few weeks. And only one glass of red a week.’

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Louis Boroditsky