Will this hard-rocking music man bring an edge to this year's series of The Great British Bake Off?

Pop quiz: name the first words that spring to mind when you think of The Great British Bake Off.

Alongside the obvious (we’ll won’t be awarding any points for ‘cake’, ‘bake’ and ‘soggy bottoms’), the words currently popping into your head probably include the likes of ‘heartwarming’, ‘sweet’ and ‘twee’.

You won’t, we reckon, be thinking of phrases such as ‘punk rock’ – but 2015 contestant Stu Henshall is here to change all that.

There’s no doubt that Stu has the kitchen skillz necessary to qualify his spot on this year’s show – just check out his Instagram account, The Alt Kitchen, for proof.

The baker also happens to be pretty easy on the eye, and his seriously swoon-some good looks have already whipped social media users up into a state of excitement about the coming series.

So far, so Bake Off – but we can reveal that Stu has a hard-rocking past as a member of a band called Subsource. Check out the pictures above and the band’s sound in the recording below. We wonder what Mary Berry would make of them!?

And although the dad of two’s ‘look’ in the official GBBO pictures is rockstar lite – all tattooed arms and neatly-cut beard – pictures from his Subsource days show him sporting a more severe image, with his hair styled into a sharp mohawk and his nose pierced with a hoop. Rock on!

Apparently the 35-year-old rocker’s initial interest in baking came when he was a child and was bamboozled and amazed at how some things thrown together to go into the oven as a liquid, could out of as ‘fluffed up awesomeness’. We still wonder that too Stu!

Now we can’t wait for the series to start so we can see what the rocking baker whips up in the Bake Off kitchen – a round of rock cakes, or perhaps a showstopper bake titled Sweet Anarchy? Only time will tell!

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