Paddy McGuinness is one lucky man

If Paddy McGuinness were to challenge his wife Christine McGuinness to a sit-up competition, we know who would win. Christine, hands down.

In fact, in any fitness challenge, be it bum clenches, squats, leg-ups, chin ups, just generally kicking ass, we think Christine would rings around her husband. Sorry, Paddy!


And this is a body that gave birth to TWINS, yes, twins, 18 months ago!

We reckon Christine could even be giving fellow fitness-buff Chloe Madeley a run for her money with this new hot-pink bikini selfie.

She captioned the shot saying: ‘#SummerBody #tan #bikini #christinemcguinness #fakebake’.

If you follow Christine on Instagram you’ll know she’s not shy when it comes to showing off her body and the effects of her hardcore work out regime. For months now she’s been posting shots of that tanned bod and those rock-hard abs.

It’s normally when we’re tucking into our mid-morning bag of hula-hoops, so she has a knack of making us feel very guilty!

If you’re looking for some body inspiration the 26-year-old is the epitome of ‘strong is the new skinny’, isn’t she?

The former Miss Liverpool enlarged her boobs from a 32D to a 32E after she and Paddy, 41, had Leo and Penelope who are now 18 months.

Christine recently admitted that their life had changed since having children.

Referring to her husband job on Take Me Out, she told the Daily Star: ‘I have to watch my husband with 30 single gorgeous women every Saturday!’

She continued: ‘Now we’ve got kids, we never go out on a Saturday night so we always stay in and watch Take Me Out. I do really enjoy the show though and Paddy enjoys doing it.

‘Having kids has really brought us closer. We didn’t realise before we had the babies, there was something missing. Now with twins, that’s over-filled!’

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Lydia Southern