Michelle Keegan's former co-star Brooke Vincent Tweets about the actress being back on Coronation Street

We never thought we’d see the day. After she was killed off in Coronation Street, Michelle Keegan shocked us by popping back this weekend – sort of.

Viewers haven’t seen Tina since her life came to an end in hospital on Monday 2 June but before you assume Tina’s back from the dead and appearing from beyond the grave we can reveal she only popped up on former co-star Brooke Vincent‘s FaceTime to say hi to everyone while they were on set!

Brooke ‏Tweeted about Michelle being back saying: ‘One of the busiest days in forever at Corrie and then @michkeegan pops up and makes it worse!! Thanks mate!!’

The drop dead gorgeous star has just released exclusive pictures of her brand new calendar on Twitter and Instagram and she looks sensational.

We revealed recently how her beau Mark Wrightis completely smitten with fiancée Michelle and felt he’d never been in love before.

‘I think you just feel it. They’re the only person you think about all day, every day,’ Mark has said. ‘You look at them and just smile, and when they smile you smile. And when you kiss, you just want to get intimate straight away.’

Alright Mark!

‘I never realised love could actually feel like this,’ he added. ‘I thought I’d been in love before, but I obviously haven’t. That was, like, teenage, but grown-up love is totally different.

‘Every single thing you imagine and you dream about falling in love with someone, I’ve got now. I remember watching The Notebook, and I honestly feel like what Noah has got, I’ve got.’

As for their upcoming wedding, it’ll be Michelle Wright from next year, we hear.

‘I am quite traditional, so I’ll take Mark‘s surname and we’d like to get married in a church,’ Michelle says. ‘We definitely want a family, too, but we want to do everything in order. We want to get married first.

‘I haven’t even tried on a wedding dress yet,’ she says. ‘It’s not until next year. We’ve got the date and the venue. I just haven’t had to time to think about the details yet.’

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Sofia Zagzoule