Reality star Kourtney Kardashian and baby daddy Scott Disick have different rooms

Their relationship is volatile at the best of times and it sounds like Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have other bumps in the road, after he revealed they haven’t slept together for FIVE YEARS.


It took us a while to get our heads around this one but we now realise that they obviously spend some intimate time together in bed (or wherever takes their fancy) but actually sleep separately because well, their kids are proof of that.

They have Mason, four, Penelope, two, and a third child on the way.

In a clip from the most recent episode of Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons the couple discuss their ongoing issues and Kourtney asks for more space. So clearly separate bedrooms are not enough! Although tbh if we had their massive mansion we might try and have our own wing to ourselves… but anyway.

When Kourtney suggests that maybe a bit of time away from one another might help, Scott reveals that they have not slept together in five years.

‘How much more space do you need?’ Scott says. ‘We haven’t slept together in five years. What’s the difference? Honestly, though. I mean, I love you, yeah, but…’

We have to say it does seem like he kinda has a point here.

Over several seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians it has been a topic of conversation that Kourtney, 35, and Scott, 31, do not share a bed. He takes pills to help him sleep, admitting recently that he only gets about three of four hours of kip a night.

On another recent episode Scott claims he has got nowhere to sleep and goes and joins Kourt‘ssis Khloe , 30, in her bed saying: ‘Is it weird if I stay here for a couple of weeks? She [Kourtney] has made it so uncomfortable that I have to leave.’

Adding: ‘The only option I have is to stay in Khloe’s room.’

Guys! Things are getting little weird now! Maybe it is time that Kourtney and Scott got a room afterall… Call us old fashioned but we do not think it’s acceptable that he sleeps with his pregnant wife’s sister! Even if they are only getting some shut eye..

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