Gary Barlow - from meh to man-candy

It doesn’t matter that Take That has only three members left because:

A) Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald have relased a new single, These Days and…

B) Like a fine wine, Gary Barlow just keep getting finer with age.

We might be glad to see Simon Cowell back in the main judging seat on The X Factor, but we’re mourning the loss of Gary‘s seriously sexy side-lean and mellow Mancunian voice.

Like David Beckham, George Clooney and Tom Ford, Gary‘s found the formula to staying hot at all times: a fine suit, freshly-cut hair and a five o’clock shadow.

Basically, Gary Barlow looks like a walking ad for cologne at all times – you can almost smell his intoxicating aftershave just by looking at his picture.

But as we all know, Gary wasn’t always this well-groomed. Before he became serious crush material, Gary‘s early days with Take That were filled with freaky fashion choices that put Justin Timberlake‘s N’Sync days to shame.

You can only blame the 90s for so long before finally admitting that perhaps platinum-blonde flat-top and an unbuttoned stonewashed denim shirt was never going to be a good look.

After Take That split up in
1996, Gary enjoyed brief solo success but was dropped by record label Sony BMG after his second album
flopped, which led to his battle with depression and obesity.

Gary‘s now maintained a healthy weight for his frame at below 12st – from a peak of 16st 11lb – thanks to eating less and exercising more.

We can only hope the executives at Marks & Spencer have taken notice of Gary‘s irresistible sex appeal – just imagine if they signed Gary up to model a David Gandy-esque underwear line?

We would have to campaign to make it legal for people to marry billboards!

Click through the gallery above to see Gary‘s metaporphosis from meh to man-candy!

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Louis Boroditsky