Hip hop star Wyclef Jean fears for his life in Haiti's heated presidential campaign


Wyclef Jean has had to go into hiding in Haiti after receiving death threats.

But the ex Fugees rapper, 37, says he won’t be scared into abandoning the race to become president in his homeland.

‘In the past couple of days we have received a few death threats… We know this situation we’ve embarked on, death threats come with the territory,’ he announced from his hideout in hometown Lassere.

Wyclef is one of 30 candidates running for office in Haiti but the musician’s eligibility has been called into

Haitian law states that a candidate must have lived in the country for five consecutive years.

Wyclef has spent most of his life in the United States.

‘The laws of the Haitian constitution must be respected,’ he says in an email to reporters.

Wyclef – who was appointed the government’s ambassador-at-large in 2007 – has worked tirelessly with his charity the Yele Haiti Foundation to help the people of Haiti.

was a prominent figure in the fundraising efforts following the
earthquake that devastated the Caribbean island in January.

Reena Sewraz