She wants babies but does he just want a bit of fun?

After months of rumours, it’s finally been confirmed that The X Factor 2014 contestants Chloe-Jasmine Whichello and Stevi Ritchie ARE an item.

But is Chloe-Jasmine more interested in a long-lasting romance with Stevi than he is with her?

The 23-year-old is reportedly hoping to get engaged this year and wants fellow famous faces to be at her nuptials.

In a recent interview she revealed: ‘The next person I date, I’m looking for someone I can marry and have children with.’

While a source insists that novelty act Stevi, 34, is having a great time with the posh singer, those close to him say he is taking things slowly.

‘He’s smitten and he’s been telling everyone that she loves how kind he is,’ an insider told The Sun on Sunday newspaper.

Meanwhile the leggy blonde is a few steps ahead of gushing about her reality show rival-turned-love and is eager for Stevi to put a ring on it.

Chloe wants to get engaged in 2015 and have a star-studded wedding. Stevi‘s delighted,’ the source added.

Woah! Slow down guys.

As she’s rumoured to be getting serious about her relationship, Chloe, who admitted she was unfaithful to her boyfriend when she first got together with Stevi on The X Factor, has denied she will appear on Celebrity Big Brother when it begins 7 January.

She admitted that she was asked to take part in the Channel 5 show in 2013 after she appeared on modeling show The Face with Naomi Campbell.

However she laughed to Fabulous magazine that she hasn’t even signed a contract to stay in the popular house yet is 6-1 favourite to win on the programme.

Chloe admitted in the interview that on both The X Factor and The Face, nerves got the better of her so it’s likely we really won’t be seeing her in a house where the cameras are never turned off.

‘On The X Factor I was shaking and crying before every performance – those are the bits you don’t see. When I watch my performances back I can see myself shaking and it makes me upset,’ she confessed.

Aww! We didn’t notice it in the slightest Chloe-Jasmine!

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