Contestant on the X Factor, Lauren Murray, reveals that they’ve received death threats and suicide notes from viewers

We can imagine there’s a lot that come with becoming a contestant on the X Factor – the sudden influx of fans, the makeovers, seeing Simon Cowell and Cheryl every weekend.

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But one thing we didn’t expect to come with the territory is death threats and suicide letters, which 25-year-old contestant Lauren Murray has revealed to Closer magazine she’s found shocking.

‘A few of us have even had death threats. And we’ve had people send pictures of themselves cutting out names into their arms. It’s horrible!.’

‘I’ve had people cutting themselves, writing “Lauren, I love you.” It’s shocking’,  Lauren continued in Star magazine.

We can’t believe this happens! So how does Lauren and the rest of the contestants deal with this?

‘I just try to tune it out. Rita Ora told me not to listen to any of the negativity and focus all my energies on the competition.’

Sounds like good advice to us – go Rita!

Another thing that comes with being X Factor famous is needing to have Twitter account – otherwise how are viewers supposed to let you know how brilliant/rubbish you were if they can’t @ you?

But the London singer isn’t a fan of the site. No siree.

‘I didn’t have Twitter before – I’m not a fan of it.’

It’s not all bad though: ‘I’ve got a lot of lovely messages from fans too, so I just have to focus on that.’

Let’s all send Lauren and the rest of the X Factor contesants some uber nice tweets to drown out the not-so-nice ones… Ready? Go!

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