What a transformation!


The X Factor star Craig Colton shocked audiences today as he showed off his brand new body – and labelled his past self as ‘ten tonne Tessie.’

Way back in 2011, Craig wowed audiences with his voice and his Justin Bieber hair sqish, but the 27-year-old has grabbed the admiration of the Loose Women audience with his slimmed down figure and beard.

The singer admitted that he felt self-conscious about his image when he appeared on the ITV competition: ‘I didn’t get that much [negativity about his size], I was just very sensitive. The papers picked up on it a lot and the magazines.’

Craig Colton



But he started to feel even more sensitive as he lost the weight.

‘Once I started to lose weight my insecurities were more heightened.’

He blamed the weight gain on a bad relationship and also said that, despite the progress he’s made, he’s still not happy with the way he looks.

He said: ‘I think being in a healthy good relationship helped. I was in a toxic relationship, being with someone new now it feels completely different now.’

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Craig adds: ‘You can change the outside, but the inside will always be the same. As time went on [my insecurities] started to deflate. I did a gig on Saturday and I as absolutely terrified.’

But Craig Colton is back and still performing! It’s good to see some good news coming from The X Factor.