The X Factor hopeful has recieved some negative attention


She wowed the judges with her Masterpiece on last night’s show.

But X Factor hopeful Havva Rebke hasn’t had the smoothest of rides since her audition aired.

After revealing to Kate Garraway on Good Morning Britain how her ‘phone exploded’ as she appeared on the prime time show, it hasn’t all been positive.

The 21-year-old first hit out at haters online earlier today, writing ‘I don’t get nasty bitter people who sit behind there phones and write hateful comments! Why have some people got a problem with my accent!’

And following her outburst on Twitter, the pop hopeful has exclusively opened up to Now about the negative comments she’s recieved.

‘It was just one stupid comment out the 100 nice ones,’ she explained. ‘They didn’t like my North London accent, everyone else has been nice though.’

Choosing to rise above it, Havva then revealed: ‘I’m just ignoring it and replying to the people who are nice! They deserve my time for being nice to me.’

We don’t blame you, Havva!

While online trolls may mock the contestants accent, Simon Cowell couldn’t praise it enough.

‘While Cheryl said it was a good audition, I disagree,’ he teased. ‘I think it was a great audition – and I love the fact you sound British!’

What did you make of Havva’s audition? We love it!