This years youngest contestant on the X Factor has big ambitions and most of them involve Beyonce...

Louisa Johnson wowed the X Factor judges with her first audition singing Michael Jackson’s ‘Who’s Loving You’.

Louisa isn’t just the youngest contestant from Rita Ora‘s Girls category, she’s also the youngest contestant in the WHOLE X Factor competition, but… that doesn’t mean her dreams are any smaller than the other contestants!



A quick scroll through Louisa‘s Twitter and Instagram account confirms that she most definitely bows down to Queen Bey.

…And in five years time the 17 year-old has some big ambitions she wants to fulfil: ‘I want to be doing worldwide tours and my main goal is to have Beyonce’s phone number in my phone book.’

Who doesn’t Louisa, who doesn’t?!

So when we asked the blonder singer who her biggest inspiration is it wasn’t exactly hard to guess who she’d pick… and she knows it too: ‘I know it’s an obvious answer but I love the way Beyonce works – she never gives up and if she gets something wrong, she keeps going at it. She works so so hard and that is how I aspire to be.’

Louisa even posted a picture of Beyonce in a hot tub pouring in Champagne and wrote:

When it comes to her young age Louisa said ‘I’ve got age on my side and for my age I’m not really like other people – my voice is more mature.’

‘As for the performance, I’m very passionate and like to put everything into it and show that I mean everything I say – I go into a bit of a dream role when I sing.’

‘I’m a rounded performer, which I hope I can show more if I get to live shows.’

That’s IF she gets through Judges’ Houses… because when we asked Louisa which point of the X Factor competition has been the hardest she answered: ‘It’s actually the point we’re at now – Judges’ Houses.’

‘I’ve not been feeling my best and I’m giving it as much as I can but I’m very critical on myself and when I’m not feeling good I worry I won’t be able to give my best performance.’

We’ve all of our fingers and toes crossed for you Lou and we HOPE we’re not the only ones dreaming about ANOTHER potential X Factor final with Queen Bey herself?!

…Anyone else remember Alexandra Burke‘s final performance with the ‘Drunk In Love’ singer…? We do and we want a repeat!

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Emily Thornhill