X Factor host Olly Murs says Gary Barlow is his fit-spiration

Since accepting the job as the co-host of The X Factor alongside his longtime pal Caroline Flack, Olly Murs has been on a strict diet and exercise regime. And now he’s revealed the pop star he looks to for fitness inspiration – none other than Mr Gary Barlow.

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In an interview with The Sun’s Fabulous magazine, Olly said that he admires Gary’s physique. ‘Gary Barlow is my pin-up,’ he said. ‘If I look like him at 40, I’ll be happy!’

But one person who isn’t so sold on his new trim frame is Olly’s girlfriend of three years Francesca Thomas – who Olly says prefers him fatter!

‘She misses the comfort belly,’ he said. ‘I always joke around with her and say she’s a bit of a feeder…we were just sitting there eating all the time. Chocolate, crisps…being in a relationship made me put on a bit of weight.’

Olly is happy with his new physique, though, saying he doesn’t feel ‘tired any more. I feel more focused.’

Well, if it makes you feel better, Olly, we definitely think you look great!

Olly also revealed that he negotiated with Simon Cowell over the X Factor hosting job, because there was no way he would have done it without Caroline Flack by his side. When Simon first approached Olly about the show, he says he made it clear that he and Caroline ‘come as a duo’.

‘I said to Simon – and I’d like to think Caroline would have said the same  – that it was always going to be with her,’ he explained. ‘With TV work or presenting, me and Caroline do it together.’

Bless! With Olly showing such loyalty to his friend and co-presenter, it’s no surprise that Caroline’s mum wants the pair to get married. Olly even admitted that Caroline fancied him when she first saw him as a contestant on the show in 2009 – but even with Francesca not being keen on his new bod, the pair are more loved-up than ever.

‘She has a normal job…and her own life,’ says Olly on his girlfriend. ‘That’s why I like her and find her attractive.’

Oh, Olly, could you BE any more adorable?