Anton Banaghan wowed the judges with his rendition of George Ezra's Budapest, but he's got a criminal secret


Chirpy Irishman Anton Banaghan looked like sweetness and light personified when he took to the X Factor stage last week and sang George Ezra‘s Budapest.

Simon Cowell gave him a glowing review, saying: ‘The song is great. You’re a nice guy, I like you,’ and Anton was waved through with four ‘yes’ votes. But it seems that Anton may not have been such a nice guy in the past – The Sun has revealed that, as a teenager, he was was charged with robbery after stealing the phone and car keys of a care worker.

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His solicitor at the time is reported to have told the court that Anton ‘apologised profusely’ and attended counselling for anger problems. The judge decided that he was suitably remorseful, and didn’t pursue the case any further.

Anton now works as a part-time barman in his hometown of Tipperary, after leaving his criminal past behind. Despite turning over a new leaf, though, he failed to make it through Bootcamp, so it looks like his dream of ‘selling records’ is still a way off.