Freddy faced punishment after crashing his car and being over the limit


X Factor star Freddy Parker has spoken of a ‘horrifying’ drink-driving incident that saw him crash his car and get hit with a driving ban.

The 18-year-old – who is through to the judges’ house stage of the competition, meaning he’ll battle against the other boys for a place in Nicole Scherzinger’s top three – avoided a prison sentence but admits he deeply regrets what happened.


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Freddy says he thought he’d be alright to drive after a party with friends and discovered the hard way that this wasn’t the case.

‘I was at a party with my mates, we all crashed out, I woke up and me and my mate wanted to go home,’ the singer explains.

‘I thought I was OK but I never stopped to think about whether I was over the limit. We were about two minutes from home, I went round a bend and skidded into a ditch.

‘I don’t know how but the car was written off. I called my mum and she told me to walk home and we would talk about it when I got home.’

Freddy, who lives in Kent, found himself in trouble with the law following the incident.

‘As I walked half way up my drive the police arrived,’ he says. ‘They did a roadside drink test and nothing came up, so they arrested me for failing to give a specimen.

‘They took me to the police station and I gave a urine test and I was over the limit.’

Freddy was handed a 12-month ban from driving but had this reduced to nine months after attending a drink-driving course in February.

He’s clearly appalled by what happened now and admits the thought of what could have been sickens him.

‘It was such a stupid error of judgement,’ Freddy tells The Sun. ‘I was so naive to think I could touch even a bit of alcohol and get behind the wheel of my car.

‘I’ve listened to other people’s stories and it horrifies me to think about the damage I could have done.’

Thankfully Freddy is now in a more positive phase of his life after getting the final seat of X Factor’s six-chair challenge in the boys’ category, and will try to impress Nicole and her assistant Calvin Harris in the hope of going through to the live shows.