It's voting as usual after the singer claimed he didn't know until Saturday night that his family and friends in the Isle of Man were unable to vote using the X Factor app

Sam Black sailed through the first live show at the weekend after performing his rendition of Faith [Stevie Wonder ft Ariana Grande] with a barbershop theme.

But we can reveal that the 29-year-old plasterer only found out on the night that viewers living in the Isle of Man were unable to vote using the special X Factor app.

Speaking exclusively to Now mag backstage following Saturday’s X Factor live show, Sam called for the app to be mended ahead of this week’s live show.

He said: ‘The Isle of Man can’t vote on the app, we literally only found out tonight that Isle of Man couldn’t vote so I am just really happy I’ve got through. They need to sort something out for next week.’

Since Sam’s comments were published X Factor has been in touch with us to confirm that viewers and fans CAN vote on the X Factor app in the Isle of Man.

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One viewer tweeted their frustration: ‘Cant even download the x factor app in the isle of man says its not available in this country  so annoying

And added to Sam’s worry, was the strength of the vocals from the other contestants.

He said: ‘I swear down – I was convinced [I was going home] after I heard everyone else sing and I thought everyone else smashed it and everyone was really happy. I was so nervous. I’m still in shock.’

Speaking about living in The X Factor house, Sam said: “It’s been amazing, everyone’s like my best friend in there and I’m not even messing about. I honestly didn’t think it was going to be how it is. Everyone’s so, so close and I can’t believe I’m actually going back there. I thought to myself I’ve done well to get to this point but I thought my journey was going to be over.’

One guy which helped Sam with his performance was Liam Payne, who was at the studio as he was giving a live performing his second single Bedroom Floor.

Sam caught up with Liam backstage and he said he advised him. Sam recalled: ‘He told me, ‘Be confident, make sure you know you belong up there, make sure you look down the cameras and sell it. Even if you are nervous, you have to put on a performance and realise you are a pop star.’

Wise words from someone who’s been there and done, that as member of boyband One Direction who started out on the same show.

The night saw Spencer Sutherland be the first contestant to leave the competition and seeing his new pal go was upsetting for Sam.

He said: ‘I honestly feel so bad for Spencer – he’s so good and an absolutely lovely guy and I’m going to be really sad to see him leave. I share a room with him and he’s one of my best mates.’

And whilst Simon Cowell was missing from the judging panel, following his fall down the stairs at his home on Friday, Sam wished him well, he added: ‘I wish him a speedy recovery.’

We have contacted X Factor for a response regarding the app.