We had a bit of a geek-out and spent some time looking up sexy pictures of superheroes like Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill


Before we begin, can we just say that we are well-rounded human beings, full of opinions and emotions and depth of character.

Now that’s out of the way, AWOOGA let’s stare at some fit men. HUBBA HUBBA.

Again: not shallow.

(sorry about the hubba hubba).

There’s been an obsession around Hollywood in recent years for making superhero films. Which is fine by us, because not only are they good fun with all the car throwing and fireballs (we haven’t actually seen that many), but they also tend to include hot actors in hot superhero costumes.

Superhero costumes: they shouldn’t work but they oh-so majorly do.

And with filming currently underway for the latest big superhero film, Batman VS Superman, starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill (such talented individuals, you guys), that superhero obsession has stepped up a gear.

So what better way to honour these men, who risk their lives every day in a pretend way, and have pretend-saved countless men, women, children, cats and sandwiches (?) than to put together a gallery of them wearing their superhero costumes.

It’s not weird, don’t make it weird.

Most of the pictures are from the last few years, with the likes of Chris Evans as Captain America, Hugh Jackman rippling in his Wolverine costume, Chris Hemsworth playing with his hammer (what?) as Thor, Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern (it’s OK, literally no-one saw that film, that isn’t important) and Robert Downey-Jr as Iron Man.

But we also included Dean Cain as Superman in the 90s, because writing this reminded us that we were super(man) obsessed with Dean in a weird, weird way and genuinely convinced it would somehow work out between us. If only Lois Lane/Teri Hatcher would back the hell off.

Oh, and it’s sort of possible we accidentally included a few of said superheroes without their tops on. It was a total accident and not our fault.

So, who’s everyone voting for in next year’s general election?

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