Because, you know... they totally are.

And they said romance was dead. Ladies, Gentlemen… they lied.

It’s like your first relationship. But way better, and with a sexy black and white filter throughout.

We’re of course referring to Mr Brooklyn Beckham and his ever blossoming love for girlfriend Chloe Grace Moretz.

You see, unlike our pretty mediocre first relationship Chloe and Brooklyn face a lil’ thing called the transatlantic ocean. And also the fact that they’re well famous, but whatever.

So, 17-year-old Brooklyn has taken to Instagram to share that he is feeling pretty lovesick in England due to his time apart from 19-year-old Chloe- sharing a snap of the pair at a concert with the caption ‘Missing this one’.


Missing this one ❤️

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So, this got us thinking: In what ways are Brooklyn and Chloe relationship goals? Well folks, buckle up…these are the 5 ways that Brooklyn and Chloe are relationship goals.

1. They’re like, totally in love. 

Hey @brooklynbeckham I like the way ya look at me, that's all 🙂

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Actress Chloe shared this snap of Brooklyn and her being all lovey dovey and all that, which she captioned ‘Hey @brooklynbeckham I like the way ya look at me, that’s all 🙂‘… Oh you two.

2. They eat junk food together. Which is, of course, pretty ideal… 

But I did offer..

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Keeping with the black and white theme that appears to feature very strongly in their relationship, 17-year-old Brooklyn shared this snap of the pair carrying a big ol’ takeaway. Goals.


These two 💕

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Cute dog = Cute relationship… or something like that.

4. They look pretty flipping great together…

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Do we even need to expand on this one?

5. They do pretty questionable things that are only kind of cute if you do them with a partner….

Late night take out with bae ❤️

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I.e: eating your dinner in a hotel corridor.

Alice Perry