X Factor's Simon Cowell needs to intervene. Fast


Watch out One Direction – X Factor has given us a brand-spanking new 8-piece boy band to obsess over.

The eight adorable lads: James Graham, Reece Bibby, Tom Mann, Casey Johnson, Jake Sims, Charlie Jones, Barclay Beales and Chris Leonard (and breathe!), initially auditioned as soloists but were kicked out at boot camp challenge one.

After some careful consideration by the four judges, the boys were brought back as an 8-piece group and this weekend they managed to bag a spot at judges’ houses. Woop!

Currently name-less, Now has discovered exactly what mentor Louis Walsh plans on calling them. And we’re not sure whether to laugh or cry.

An X Factor insider told us that they’ve whittled it down to two possible options…drum-roll please…Empire Walk or Stereo Hogs.

Diasppointed? Hmmm, us too. While Empire Walk is passable, Stereo Hogs just brings up images of hairy pigs.

But then, we guess One Direction sounded a bit strange the first time we heard it – and look at them now.

Either way, one of these two band names is likely to be dominating our iPod screens in the near future.

Empire Walk (let’s assume that’s their name!), blew us away on Sunday night with their fab rendition of Leona Lewis’ Run and we can’t wait to see if they’ll make it through to the live shows.

So, what do we know about them?

James Graham, 17
actually left school at 15 and was home schooled for a year. He now volunteers at a local music studio. Cute!

Reece Bibby, 15
Northern boy Reece, lives with his mum, dad and sister in Lancashire. His claim to fame? Errrr he totes sung Wonderwall with Liam Gallagher when he met the Oasis singer at a gig.

Tom Mann, 20
Recognise him? Tom got to the bootcamp stage on The X Factor in 2013 but narrowly missed out on getting through to the live shows.

Casey Johnson, 19
Karaoke lover Casey, could be the future Harry Styles. Apparently he’s never failed to get a girl’s number!

Jake Sims, 19
Bristol boy, Jake, is a student who describes himself as a ‘Pokemon master’. Interesting. Jake’s had a pretty musical upbringing – his mum is a singer!

Charlie Jones, 14
Naww! The bubba of the group has been singing from an early age and even attends a weekend school to improve his performance skills.

Barclay Beales, 18
Barclay also auditioned for The X Factor last year but unfortunately lost his place at the bootcamp stage. He’s definitely a hard worker – Barclay slogs away for six days a week as a tyre fitter.

Chris Leonard, 18
This boyband malarkey is nothing new to Chris – he was a member of a group, which split earlier this year. When he’s not living it up at X Factor auditions, Chris works as a barman back home in Ireland.

Come on boys – we’re rooting for ya!

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