It's a Katie Price Christmas miracle! Coleen Rooney had a friendly conversation with her in front of the world

Oh she’s never one to mince her words is that Katie Price, but even we raised a few eyebrows when she took a below the belt swipe at Coleen Rooney in October.

When playing a game of Say What You See with The Mirror, Katie was shown a picture of Coleen in her bikini on her tenth holiday this year. But rather than commenting on how amazing the footballer’s wife looked, Katie‘s immediate reaction was to comment on her hairline.

Yup, that’s right Coleen’s hairline, not even her husband Wayne’s who’s had two hair transplants since 2011.

‘Bad extensions,’ said Katie. ‘Balding. You asked me to say what I see.’


That had to hurt Coleen, especially as she was first spotted with bald patches back in December 2011.

At the time the baldness was put down to traction alopecia caused by fact that she’d been wearing hair extensions for too long and the tightness of them had worn away at her follicles. Although in recent months Coleen’s hair seems to be fine, that didn’t stop Katie from taking a swipe.

If anyone had said that about us to a tabloid we probably would have been too annoyed to bother speaking to them again, but this weekend it seems that Coleen was in a forgiving mood as she and Katie had a civilized conversation on Twitter.

When Coleen posted a picture of her Christmas tree, Katie immediately responded with: ‘@ColeenRoo omg I want your Christmas tree who did this was it @dawnward4 #amazingtaste’.

Rather than Tweet back: ‘I think you’ve said enough about my bush’, Coleen replied: ‘@MissKatiePrice thank you!! NO @BentsGardenHome done it for me. Xx’

Ooohhh, two kisses and everything, no one in a bad mood leaves two kisses. That’s a fact of life.

‘Love it xxx’ replied Katie Price, with YES THAT’S RIGHT – THREE KISSES.

So it looks like these two have Twitter kissed and made up. It’s a Christmas miracle…

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