She bet against him yesterday, and he's finally confirmed.

It’s the answer we’ve all been waiting for: Gaz Beadle Vs Charlotte Crosby, Newcastle Vs Sunderland, marriage Vs a terrible tattoo. It’s the bet of a life time. If Charlotte’s Sunderland win a derby match against Newcastle United, Gaz has to marry her in Vegas. If Newcastle win, Charlotte is permanently branded with Gaz’s name on her body.

And Gaz has accepted the bet. Go on pet!

In a video on the Geordie Shore hunk’s YouTube channel, he confirmed the bet and that the tattoo will be marked… on her forehead.

We cannot wait.


The pair were spotted ‘tashing on’ Holly Hagan’s snapchat last night only adding feul to their new romance fires. With Gaz willing to MARRY her (in the classy town of Vegas no less), is this the final confirmation that all Chaz lovers are demanding?

Mrs Charlotte Parsnip does have a ring to it…

We will unfortunately have to wait until 15 March to find out the result. Newcastle have lost a staggering SIX times against Sunderland, so the odds are stacked against the Geordie lad. However, only time can tell!

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Tom Capon
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