We know Poldark is hot, but we didn’t expect THIS beauty secret

The more we see Poldark, the more we love him.

Topless scene after topless scene comes and goes – and we’re falling more and more for 31-year-old Irish actor Aidan Turner, with every flash of those rippling muscles.

Of course, gym-going has something to do with it (oh, to see that man lifting weights…) but Aidan admits there’s another, more peculiar secret behind his stunning look: baby oil and eyeliner.

‘I just didn’t see Poldark having a beer belly or being out of shape given his lifestyle,’ Aidan told The Sunday Times, before admitting that the look takes ‘some kind of baby oil’ and even, sometimes, eyeliner. But despite the makeup revelation, the heartthrob denies ever wearing mascara, which some viewers have accused him of.

Since Poldark started on BBC1 in March this year, the programme’s six million viewers have openly rejoiced on social media over Aidan’s incredible bod. But what does he think about all of this?

Err, he LOVES it, of course: ‘It’s fine. I don’t think about it. I’m not going to look like that forever. Damn it, I’m 31, I’m going to live it up.’

And his long-term girlfriend, actress Sarah Greene?

‘She finds it funny – because it’s ridiculous, isn’t it? We don’t take ourselves too seriously.’ Speaking about his next role, Aidan admitted: ‘I want to grow a beard and put on lots of weight.’

Err, sounds like we’ll need to make the most of muscley Poldark while we can, ladies! Now someone pass us some baby oil and eyeliner, we need to see if we can get our bikini bods in check without having to put down these biscuits. Goals.

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Kim Gregory