Former TOWIE star Amy Childs reveals how her £2,500 VB gown got stained with BLOOD ahead of a red carpet event - and the genius way she dealt with the disaster...

Can you imagine the absolute horror of splashing out £2,500 on a dress only for it to be ruined moments before you step out in it?

That’s exactly what happened to Amy Childs, the star has revealed in an exclusive extract from her new book – as well as the GENIUS way she dealt with the potential disaster.

Posting an entire chapter of her new book, 100% Me, on her Facebook page, Amy explains how she invested in a super-expensive Victoria Beckham gown ahead of the BAFTAs in 2012.

‘Me and Harry [Derbidge] were presenting an award and I wanted to look my best,’ the former TOWIE star explains.

‘I bought myself a Victoria Beckham dress, I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much money on a dress before, it was about £2,500 I think, but I loved it and I still do, despite what I’m about to tell you!

She goes on to reveal how a mishap by her stylist, Jade, ended up with the posh gown getting stained with BLOOD.

‘So just before I left, as Jade was doing my dress up, she caught her finger on the zip,’ Amy reveals.

‘She had cut it and blood was literally pouring out onto the dress. She was proper mortified and as much as we tried to get the blood off the dress it wouldn’t go away.

‘As we were wiping the dress and pouring water over it, it was getting more and more smudged and pinker and pinker, but the blood wasn’t going.

‘Jade was crying, I was screaming, but there was nothing we could do, it was too late to change my dress and the show had to go on!

Whilst most of us would throw a hissy fit and refuse to go out, professional Amy soldiered on – and found a clever way to hide the stain.

‘I went onto the red carpet wearing the dress but keeping my hand over the stain,’ she reveals.

‘It was just on my left butt cheek and I literally spent the whole time with my hand over it, like I was posing. If my hand wasn’t over it then Harry, who was with me was covering it with his!

‘Go on, look at the pictures and you can see that in every single one I have my hand over the patch on my backside. It’s well funny, but it wasn’t at the time.’

On her insistence, that’s just what we’ve done – and she’s right! Every single of Amy at the event shows the star posing with her hand strategically placed on her left butt cheek. And now we know why!

Check out the LOL-tastic pictures in the gallery above!