Kylie Jenner's lips might be huge but these celebrity puckers have also gone way too far


Kylie Jenner‘s latest Instagram pic has shocked us all.

Flaunting huge dark red lips, the youngest Kardashian kid’s pout is bigger than ever, causing us to question, yet again, whether Kylie has had lip fillers. In the before photo of Kylie from 2011, her lips are noticeably smaller.

Kylie, 17, isn’t the only one who looks as though she’s had a little help from a surgeon though. Lots of other celebrities have got lips which are just POUT of control! (Sorry).

Some famous faces have practically shot up the stardom ladder because of their plumped-up pouts. Leslie Ash is one such person with lips that have grown from pretty to OTT.

The Men Behaving Badly actress became famous for her ‘trout pout’, later saying: ‘The lips had everything to do with vanity. I just wanted to look like Liz Hurley or Meg Ryan. I used to look at magazines and think, “What’s she had done?” She looks amazing.

‘But this time, my friend’s mum used a completely different product. I should have known something was up because she put in so many more injections.’

Janice Dickinson is another star whose lips have undergone a shock transformation. Before, Janice had a totally normal set of lips but now, the TV presenter/supermodel is rocking a serious pout.

Designer Donatella Versace hasn’t just had her lips done. Her whole face has undergone a revamp. The designer’s lips though are in a category of their own.

Reality TV stars are also a fan of the odd lip injection judging by these snaps. TOWIE star Lauren Goodger rocks plumper lips now than she did back in 2010. Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan is another lip-plumping fan as our snaps show.

How about Teen Mum star Farrah Abraham? In January 2015 Farrah uploaded a photo of her lip-job-gone-wrong onto her Twitter account with the caption: ‘Girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya! #BOTCHEDCalifornia #ER #fixit.’

Hmm, we’re definitely taking note of THAT warning!

Kylie’s oldest sister Khloe Kardashian is another reality star who seems to have opted for lip enhancement. Take a look at our before and after shot of Khloe…her lips look a tad bigger now don’t they?!

Former page 3 girl and businesswoman, Katie Price, has admitted to lip fillers in the past. She said: ‘There was a time when I went mad and my lips were ­hideous and I looked like a duck. I look at old ­pictures and I’m scared at what I did to myself.’

Check out these stars and more in our POUT of control lip gallery above. Warning: Don’t try this at home!

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