From now on, we're only making Kendall Jenner style drunken mistakes.

Ah, the art of the drunken mistake.

Heck, did you even go out if you don’t wake up next to 4 chicken nuggets, a traffic cone and the sinking suspicion that you may have rang your grandmother 45 times between the hours of 3 and 4am?! We think not.

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Side note: please drink responsibly and, if you really must, only call Grandmothers a maximum of 4 times during a night out.

So, whilst we receive an inundated amount of unwelcome drunken flashbacks (please, no more dodgy Kebabs), lets talk about how the other half live.

Because, whilst we spend the duration of the next day deleting our Snapchat story and cringing into a Berocca, Kendall Jenner wakes up to the realisation that she has forgotten all about her brand spankin’ new Rolls Royce.

Yup, she doesn’t even have to do the shifty online-banking-check. *Sigh*

vintage Paris Hilton vibes. 21 21.

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As you may be aware, Kendall Jenner celebrated her 21st birthday this week- and was gifted a Rolls Royce by a prince she didn’t even know. We kid you not.

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Big sis’ Khloe Kardashian recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live to share all the details of the celebrations, telling Jimmy -‘We go outside and there’s a guy with a Rolls Royce, we’re like, ‘What’s the gift, the guy or the Rolls?’… And then the guy just hands her the keys to this car. We don’t know who this guy is, he’s some Prince’.

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Does the story end there? Does it HECK. Khloe continues, ‘I asked her how she got the car home and she was like, ‘Oh my God I forgot I got a car!’ That’s how wasted she was!’.


Pretty much.

To be fair to the ‘gal, if you go out rocking a dress made entirely of Swarovski crystals then there is a high chance that a Prince might *just* turn up with a set of car keys. We might have to try it next time we’re down ‘Spoons, Kenny.

So, whose up for getting us our next birthday present?!

Alice Perry