Be warned - this is how feisty Vicky Pattison will respond if you cross her...

As the first Geordie Shore girl to undergo a dramatic body transformation, Vicky Pattison has continued to work hard on maintaining her toned figure. In 2013 the Newcastle lass slimmed down from a size 16 to a petite size 6/8 and she’s still admirably dedicated to her fitness regime.

So when some social media users suggested on Monday that pictures of fit Vicky, 27, had been airbrushed and enhanced, the reality star was fuming and couldn’t resist answering back.

Vic defiantly posted an unedited photo of herself on Instagram to prove how naturally buff she is and launched into an angry rant at her critics.

‘Right, I don’t normally pander to you Instagram imbeciles, twitter trolls or just general helmets who’s lives revolve around being negative and abusive on social media,’ she began. ‘but this is an issue I am going to make a stand on as it’s getting on my tits!!!

‘This is a completely unairbrushed image from my @minivnutrition photoshoot… Unedited and untouched this is what I look like’

Vicky added that she isn’t totally comfortable about showing her frame anyway so was adamant about telling her critics how hard she’d worked to look good.

‘I’m not perfect- my body is not where I want it to be but I work hard and have managed to get to a point where I feel comfortable in my own skin through diet, exercise and using my @minivnutrition collection!’ she continued.

‘Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and I’m not insisting people look a certain way and I’m not pushing false ideals down people’s throats! What I’m saying is this is what helped me stay trim and healthy and if you want to take a look and give it a try be my guest!

‘But don’t say I’m fake or airbrushed or lying because I am not… In short, if you don’t like it or me.. Just f**k off. 👍’

Blimey! Vicky‘s strong words impressed her loyal fans and they were quick to show their support.

‘Come on lass 🙏🙏 love that u stick up for yourself 👌,’ one commented, while another wrote: ‘Vicki luv you look great. Take no notice of the haters.’

The formerrealitystar was clearly feeling a little delicate, having earlier in the day revealed that she was struggling to shake off a lingering hangover.

‘When a filter can’t save you, you know you’re struggling…,’ she captioned a pouty selfie. ‘#2dayhangover #helpme #holdmesomeone?! #anyone?!! 😂😂😂😂😂’

We hope you’re on the mend soon, Vic!

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