Outspoken Katie Hopkins lashes out at larger women in TV show My Fat Story

Controversial Katie Hopkins has lashed out at women who wear clothes bigger than a size 10.

So, that’s most UK females then!?

In her new two-part documentary, My Fat Story, (which airs tonight on TLC) Katie admits:

‘It’s a simple fact that if you shove too many doughnuts in you, you will never make a size 8 or 10, and size 12 is clearly a size called Fat.’ 


Yikes! That’s practically guaranteed to spark serious outrage.

Katie adds: ‘We’ve now accepted that the national average size is a size 16, and we’re taking that as standard.

‘Being obese, being fat, being overweight, has become the new normal, and I disagree with that. I really believe for fat people, the solution is in your own hands. They don’t need to put so much into their faces. So take that fat bastards.’

TV personality Katie, is famous for her rash and honest opinions and constantly criticises fat people and their ‘excuses’, claiming that ‘all fat people need is a kick up the ass’.

In her new TV programme, Katie aims to put her ‘money where her mouth is’, by ditching her healthy lifestyle, gaining three stone in just three months, and subsequently losing it by eating less and moving more.

In part one of Katie’s eye-opening show, she explains: ‘The reason I’m putting on the weight is to get fat, the reason I’m losing the weight is to prove how simple it is to lose weight if you really want to, and the only way I can do that is by becoming fat myself.’

‘Fatties are indeed very lazy and need to get off their ass and move a bit more,’ adds Katie.

It’s not the first time she’s sparked outrage, in fact the 39-year-old actually came second in a poll of the world’s most loathed people, only beaten by Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Ouch!

Whether she makes you want to scream or laugh, My Fat Story is definitely worth a watch. Not only does Ms Hopkins complete her challenge of gaining AND losing weight, but she also attempts to eat a 8000 calorie burger in 20 minutes, visits a 57 stone American woman and even breaks down in tears after discovering how ‘miserable’ she has become after gaining weight. Yup, we finally see a softer side to the opinionated ex-Apprentice star.

Whilst crying, the mother-of-three speaks out to larger people, explaining that they ‘can feel so much better just by losing some weight’. She also admits that overeating is pretty vomit-inducing.

‘Profiteroles plus Mars Bar milkshake does make you gag a bit,’ confesses Katie, who admits that to gain weight, her typical day consisted of pints of juice and chocolate milk, bags of monster munch, cereals, burritos and spaghetti bolognaise with extremely limited movement.

Mmm! Worryingly, that sounds quite good to us, although the health professional actually refused to support her extreme experiment.

Katie also sheds a tear after witnessing overweight children in America gorging on fatty, calorific foods.

Another show highlight?

Well, whilst much of the population are often appalled by Katie‘s brutal honesty, My Fat Story actually shows a group of overweight women accuse the newspaper columnist of hate crimes against fat people.

Whilst one lady threatens to call the police, Katie says: ‘Go call the police. There’s a telephone right there. Would you like it brought to you? Because it’s probably going to be hard to walk there.’

Jeez, she certainly speaks her mind.

Watch part one of Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story, tonight at 9pm on TLC. You can catch part 2 on Saturday 3 January at 9pm.


Lucy Gornall