Could it really be over between Jessie J and boyfriend Luke James?


Can it be true?! Jessie J has allegedly split from R&B artist boyfriend Luke James after almost a year of dating, it was reported by The Sun today – and, to channel her feelings, she has taken to social media in a series of emotional messages.

”You got this girl. You are stronger than you think. X,’ she wrote to a follower, following a string of tweets about love – ‘We are all human. We all need love’ – and another message which seemed directly aimed at ex-boyfriend Luke: ‘I don’t want anything from you…enjoy YOUR life.’


With a source telling The Sun that the pair broke up due to Jessie’s fears that Luke was only dating her with the agenda of ‘raising his profile in the music industry,’ it looks like she was taking a swipe at her ex by saying she doesn’t ‘want anything’ back from him.

This was followed today by an Instagram post today in which the star posted a wordy paragraph on ‘happiness’. It reads: ‘we’re caught in a belief that happiness should take a particular form,’ but goes on to suggest that this belief can ‘trap’ us.

It’s clear that the brainy lyricist has put a lot of thought into this break-up and is using her Twitter and Instagram accounts to share these feelings with her followers. We can only hope that she’ll be inspired to write some great tunes to help her get through the breakup. Hang in there, Jessie J!