Lucky Peter Andre!

Emily MacDonagh has been racking up some serious ‘top fiancee’ points recently, especially if Peter Andre‘s latest confession is anything to go by.

Ooh-er, what has Em been doing?

Well, instead of calling up the nearest cab company, 42-year-old Pete revealed that newly qualified Doctor Emily makes a fantastic chauffeur. Yup, Emily, 26, is clearly a dab hand behind the wheel.

Peter said: ‘Ems recently got a new car – a BMW – and she loves driving me around. That suits me – after all, who wouldn’t want to be chauffeured around by the Doc?’

Very true!

Speaking of her driving style, Pete gushed about Emily.

‘She’s a really confident driver. I’ve been driving for 25 years and she’s better than me,’ revealed Pete, adding:

‘Actually, most people are, ha ha.’

Remind us not to get in a car when Pete‘s driving then!

Emily, who officially qualified as a doctor earlier this year after passing her final medical exams, has been working on a project at a hospital close to the couple’s Sussex-based home.

Writing in his New magazine column, Peter admitted: ‘Things are going really well for her at the hospital as well. She’s taken to it like a duck to water.’

Naww, we’re glad to hear it!

Emily is set to start her new job over the summer after graduating from university.

The couple, who already have one-year-old daughter Amelia, also have a wedding to plan!

Although a date hasn’t been set, Pete who is also father to Princess, 7, and Junior, 9, admitted in March that they would ‘definitely be married by about this time next year.’

‘Maybe May,around that time I think. We could do it earlier, but the latest we’re gonna get married is probably May next year, which is nice,’ confessed Pete.

Eek, how exciting!

The pair are also hoping to move into a bigger house.

‘We want to find somewhere bigger this year with more land so the kids can spend more time outside. Ideally, I’d love to move closer to their school so they have more time at home to play in the garden,’ said Pete.

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