Kingsland Road and Joey Essex tell us who's on their lolly list. Spoiler: They didn’t say us. Damn it.

OK, so Summer may be over (hello rainy tights weather – where the heck did you come from?). But there’s always time for some hot goss at Teen Now headquarters.

The second we heard we’d be chatting to your fave boys from Kingsland Road and the lovely Joey Essex, our mischief senses started tingling.

Just because the weather’s not hot, hot, hot, it doesn’t mean our questions aren’t. So boys, which celebs would you like to lick your lollies?

The cheeky Kingsland Road boys didn’t even flinch when we asked them to spill on their secret star crushes – they’ve clearly thought about this before! Josh opted for classic beauty Jessica Alba, while JJ chose the lovely Selena Gomez, rumoured to be back ON with Justin Bieber. Yawwwwnnn.

Ariana Grande!’ chimed in Connor, without a pause. ‘She’s so fit. Ariana Grande is SO fit.’ Ermm, we heard you the first time Connor

Meanwhile, Jay chose another popstar, but for a slightly more bizarre reason. ‘Miley Cyrus,’ he said. ‘Look at that tongue. The tongue’s out, it’s ready!’ How very practical of you, Jay!

Disappointingly, Matt didn’t comment. He may have been trying to protect his modesty, but we reckon he was just too shy to choose us… *Cough*

Joey Essex also answered with enthusiasm. ‘I would LOVE Selena Gomez to lick my lolly this Summer,’ he said. First plane to Essex leaves in five, Biebs.

You can read Joey‘s full interview in the amazing Teen Now Summer Special magazine, where the Essex fave gives us a crash course in perfect hairstyling (as if we need it). We hear all his thoughts about crazy celeb hair, including his opinion on Kate Middleton‘s do: ‘Is she a princess? She’s turning into a princess, ain’t she? So she can sort of be how she wants.’ Oh, ever the Einstein Joey!

We also have all the backstage pics and goss from Kingsland Road‘s recent Popshack Live gig at London’s O2. Can it get any better?

Erm, YES. We’ve got Union J, The Vamps, 5SOS, Rixton, Taylor Swift, Neon Jungle and Little Mix – plus loads more!

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