Gemma Collins has revealed her new career plan, and you won't believe what she's planning to do!

Who’s got a brand new Combine harvester and might possibly give us the key? Why, it seems that Gemma Collins has got a brand new Combine harvester…

Our ex-TOWIE lass has done a bit of a U-turn in her career choices, and is now planning to replace Brentwood with a good ol’ bit of barn wood in her new role as farmer. Yep, you heard right- farmer.

So what is GC’s plan of harvesting action?! The 34-year-old tells 3am, ‘I’ll start off small with chickens, because you have to start small. Then I will go up to other livestock…You can call me farmer Gem. I’ve already got my Hunter wellies’.

Farmer Gem will not be straying too far from the Sugar Hut, however, as her plot of land is based in her stomping ground of Essex. In fact, all that is left on Gemma‘s to-do list is to source ‘appropriate fencing’. We think this is really happening, people!

Gemma continues, ‘I want to grow all organic fruit and vegetables and eventually I will go vegetarian. I’ve got into organic food. I’ve bought a hydrator so I make my own healthy organic vegetable crisps’.

And it appears Gem‘s organic vegetable crisps are one hell of an aphrodisiac, as the star added, ‘I’m organic, so I’m in the best condition to get pregnant, if anyone’s offering’.

Are country bumpkin babies on the cards? Very possibly, as Gemma then revealed she has met a fella’ looking to ‘take me to a country farm fair’. We do hope that isn’t a euphemism for something, Miss Collins…

Gemma‘s new profession is announced after the star found great success in her 28-day organic juicing diet, which ‘changed her life’- and saw her drop an incredible three stone. Anyone else suddenly *really* fancy an apple?!

So there we have it people. The one and only Gemma Collins– coming to a field near you.

Alice Perry