Tumble star Amelle Berrabah is looking fitter than ever, but the ex-Sugababe reckons she's lost too much weight - despite eating 3,300 calories A DAY!

Amelle Berrabah is looking fitter than ever thanks to eight grueling hours of gymnastics training a day.

Her secret? A protein and carb-enriched diet that amounts to a whopping 3,300 calories a day! That’s more than double the recommended daily calorie intake for women (2,000). And those abs speak for themselves.

Amelle, who trains seven or eight’ hours a day with her gymnastics partner pro Doug Fordyce, has dropped half a stone throughout this series of Tumble despite the calorific food diary.

But the ex-Sugababe says she can’t wait’ to pile it back on! Currently a trim eight and a half stone, Amelle‘s perfect weight’ is nine stone.

When you’re training so much, you have to just keep eating otherwise you will just really float away,’ Amelle says. You have to make sure you eat so you have enough energy for each training session. I eat every couple of hours.’

Want to know what 3,300 calories is? It’s roughly the equivalent of:

One large Dominos American Hot stuffed Crust pizza
A McDonalds Double cheeseburger
A McDonalds Large French Fries
A McDonalds Medium Strawberry Milkshake
One can of Coca-Cola

Thankfully though, Amelle, 30, has been gaining weight the healthy way. That means the occasional treat but plenty of nutritious cabs, too. She described a typical day’s diet as:

Breakfast: Beans on toast
Lunch: Chicken, vegetables and chips
Dinner: Similar to lunch, with a packet of crisps
Snacks: Two chocolate bars, two protein chocolate bars and protein shakes which are around 200 calories each and a snack before bed.

Sure, it seems like a lot but think of the average hours you’re at work… THAT’S how long she trains for. Popping to a 45-minute spin class at lunch doesn’t seem such a hassle now, right?

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