As official photos of Princess Charlotte are release, Katie Hopkins has something to say about them (of course)

Katie Hopkins is saying it as it is once again on Twitter. But it might not be quite what you expect…

The Royal Family this weekend released the first official photos of Princess Charlotte, and unsurprisingly, they were adorable! The world was aww-ing and coo-ing over the cute pics of Prince George cuddling up with his baby sis, and of course, Katie Hopkins had something to say about them too.

Hold on – our eyes must be playing tricks on us. We thought we just saw Katie Hopkins say something nice on Twitter!

Katie is known for her for being controversial, so much so that even TV’s nicest lady, Lorraine Kelly, has banned her from ever coming on her show.

The 40-year-old former Apprentice contestant has made comments on everything from tattoos to stay-at-home mums, and now it seems, the Royal Family are included in that list.

Katie seems to be impressed at how Kate Middleton’s managed to keep George’s top so white and clean, and she should know what a feat that is as Katie has got three children of her own – Maximillian, India and Poppy.

The mum-of-three wrote an open letter to her kids, where she gave them some of her words of wisdom to them, as knows she won’t always be around to do that.

‘We know Mum’s doctor says her epilepsy will get her one day. Fruit loops say Karma will. But either way, I wanted to write down a few things for you to remember as you get bigger’.

This is not the first time that Katie has sung praises about the Duchess of Cambridge, as when news broke back in May that she had gone into labour with the Royal baby, Katie tweeted: ‘Well done that woman. Only Brits form an orderly queue to wait for a baby.’

Seems like even the queen of controversy can’t resist the bouncy-hair charm of K-Middy!

Amy Lo